Free guide you how to quit smoking weed

12It is quite tempting for weed addicts to think of themselves as inferior beings who are naturally predisposed to bad choices. On the contrary, every human is endowed with enormous capacity to switch from any addiction without ever relapsing. Respectable people such as Michael Phelps, Brad Pitt, and Natalie Portman also struggled hard and won the weed addiction battle.

What you need are special insights about how to disentangle yourself from the unseen chords that have tied you to weed for all this long. The pleasure that weed gives you is both deceptive and short-lived. In the long-term, this drug subjects you to poor health, depression, and a troubled life. Follow this guide for some unique insights.

Quick Tips on How to Quit Smoking Weed Easily:

1. Right Down Your Reasons for Quitting.

You can only devote yourself to the efforts of renouncing weed when your mind is clear about the reasons for quitting. Make a list of all the bad things that you have incurred because of your smoking habit. The list could include homelessness, loss of employment, poor academic performance, ruined relationships, and many lost opportunities in life.

Every human is born with some special talent or gift that should be harnessed for personal development. Think of how weed has compromised your capacity to harness your unique strengths to improve your fortunes in life. As you ponder about this, make another list of the things you are likely to achieve after quitting and their specific time frames.

Examples of Things to Benefit:

* I will win back the love and trust of family members in a month.
* My health will improve within one month.
* I will restore my financial status within four months.18
* I will reconcile with the good friends I lost.
* I will be freed from the circle of bad friends.
* My workplace productivity will improve.

2. Schedule your Meditations During Tempting Moments.

In his famous book entitled “Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and the Road to Recovery,” distinguished author, Barry Stimmel, identifies meditation as a highly effective escape strategy for struggling addicts. According to him, people struggling with addiction should schedule their meditation whenever the cravings hit.

Always switch into a meditative mood when you feel like having a puff or two of weed. Avoid taking any step that might escalate your vulnerability. Once you have made a firm decision to quit, never drop your guard by idling your mind. Always learn to be candid and inform your friends about your efforts and objectives.

3. Use Mantras and Positive Affirmations.

Much of the energy you need to fend off the forces of addiction are lodged within the subconscious mind. There is a way in which you can program this part of the mind to enhance your resolve to quit. Mind scholars teach us that mantras and positive affirmations are some of the most powerful tools of changing your subconscious mind.

This strategy works when you repeat certain phrases that incline with your quitting objective. For instance, you can use the phrase, “Today I shall not smoke weed,” to harness the power of the subconscious mind. Eventually, the mind becomes attuned to the idea in such a way that gives you enormous power to defeat any temptation that may come your way.

Wrap Up.

Weed addiction happens to millions of people across cultures, races, classes, and other demographic factors. Right now, millions are struggling to quit the habit and most of them will succeed at some point. Following this simple guide should help you record a significant measure of success in the shortest time possible. Your resolve and earnestness are crucial.

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